Early LifeEdit

Alix's life began deep within the expectant love of the oh-so-desirable American Dream on August 27th,1989. She may not remember the finer details now, but her birth had been a great amount of celebration between her two parents. They couldn't be happier with the arrival of a daughter, who they both knew would grow to be an exceptional little debutante in their tiny Connecticut town. As a child, she had everything every brown haired, green eyed girl would love- dolls, books.. a perfect mom and dad who loved her unconditionally. At two, the family saw the addition of a brother. Things could not have been more perfect. Her days were spent attending parties and galas. Even if she was mute- anyone who met the quiet, respect

Until little Alexandria changed at just 8 years old. It was any other night, honestly, when the final changes occurred. Her transition was far from the progressive experience many other telepaths undergo. Her change, sudden and alarming, took the young girl by surprise, and her parents even more. Marie and Alexander woke close to 2 am to hear their daughter lost into unexplainable pain, and silently disappearing into sobs- how Alexander had known was surprising since while their daughter was cherished and special- she'd been born mute. When they arrived, they didn't find the sweet, brown haired green eyed child- but instead a mutant. Alexander was apparently more shocked than his wife. And this one.. was their daughter. The reaction that both took was immediate and uncertain fear. What could they do? The world wouldn't accept if they had a mutant daughter, and it certainly wouldn't help Alexander's political standing. Their options were limited and, upon Alexander's suggestion- there was only one way.

They had to abandon the girl. Alan would be fine- he was too young to know the truth of his sister's disappearance, and would eventually distrust mutants because of it-- a good choice, Alexander assured his wife. Together, mother and father devised what seemed to be a clever ploy. Alexander's anti-mutant stance made him quite the target for the ruffian ragtag mutant groups, and so pinning the blame on mutant extremists, Alexandria was faked to be kidnapped, and was whisked off deep into the bowels of New York's very worst neighborhood. Here, Alexander was certain that she'd meet her eventual demise. Necessary- since anything else could link her back to him. Armed with nothing more than an old coat, a sandwich, and a tear from her mother that suggested a tiny ounce of compassion, Alexandria's life took it's greatest turn at only 8 years old.

Orphaned and The Friends of HumanityEdit

Alix Smith 2

Alexandria the orphan

Most stories would end here- many a mutant child abandoned dies in the harshness of the Bronx, lost to cold, despair, and extortion. Often in the past, Alexandria would wonder daily if she'd die too- she'd watched it, felt it, heard it. The world of the Bronx was different from that of upstate Connecticut. It was in these years that she learned the harshness of life- and exactly how much she didn't want to feel herself dying as she felt so many others. Often the girl would question her own survival, never honestly sure if she would really make it. However, through strength of will and desire, she managed to fend for herself, managing things until the risky involvement of gangs. Of course, being in the Bronx- it was impossible to avoid any sort of gangs, especially eventual involvement. However- being who she was, and the manner of which her powers worked, her involvement was far from the heroic stories of bond and brotherhood. Mutant Hate was always a utterance here; while she personally never witnessed it, the mutants around her would dwell on fears and uncertainties in the depth of the night. These fears have never left her, and while raids often occurred-- her ability to 'see' into minds made it quick and easy for her to simply.. hide.

Eventually, in the employ of a gang comprised secretly of mutants, Parody, as she had begun to be known, became a rather regarded telepath in her 'field'. A useful tool for all sorts of jobs, she was exceptional at what seemed to be all sorts of things- from tracking enemies sneaking into their territory, to playing the part of a lost little girl (dyed hair, of course) Alix's training was crude and at best dangerous. Among the group, however her status was not as member or accomplice, but, far lower. A telepath in these areas was never trusted- and one that could be controlled, trained, and made to fear was valuable. She was by no means regarded as a person per say, her use was of a more mechanical device- a tool and a means to fund whatever seedy operation the leader of the group so happened to desire. While a wonder why and how a girl of this age, and power level, would come into such a life- it was, in part, the only thing she knew. While she hated the killings and the covert destruction that she often would wreck, it was as so many others know- the only thing she knew possible. While it was by no means a good life, it ensured her survival, and installed in her a desire to live and fight. While in these years she shut herself off from human interaction- there was always a sort of inward fear of people about her- a distrust that grew from the number of downfalls that had occurred within her short past.

It is these years- from 10 until 17- that influenced her the most. Here she found that telepathy could kill and maim and destroy everything that anyone ever dreamed for. It was also here, however, that she made her first studies of people and how they acted. As she grew older, however, her look on life had begun to change. While she still disassociated herself with the actions she took, eventually, while left to her own one night, she discovered of all things- an old discarded Xavier's pamphlet. Out of date and worn out, in part it gave her some sort of hope. There were people out there who cared- and there was a place where mutants- regardless of power or class- were not simple tools. E Seeing the ray of hope that had previously not existed in her dark world of death and destruction, she went searching, hoping that regardless of it's date, there would be a school.

It would, however, take many years for her to finally make it to this fabled school, since these dreams of acceptance were quickly dashed by those who reminded her that the past did not disappear- they would know she was a killer the instant they found her. And then- her makeshift world fell to pieces. Confrontations between gangs erupted, and Alix was thrown directly into the middle. Soon, FOH militants became involved, silently rounding up the makeshift society of mutant underground gangs that she had known. Able to hide by means of telepathy alone- Parody managed to find her own way away, defending only herself. Frighteningly enough, she felt no remorse for the loss of these gangs, and instead moved off to fend for her own. In little under a year, however, living on her own in the shambles of the Bronx became both impossible hazardous, and increasingly dangerous. With the small taste of dank freedom she'd discovered, she would not give into the constant hounding of the only remaining member of the old gang, Derrick. However- finding that her own frightening disinterest in the well being of the mutants she had once been property of- even if they had been increasingly uncaring and mistreating- frightened her out of even considering anything beyond the Xmen.

Confrontations were of course never limited in her search for the Xavier institute- The years in mild limbo are especially hard for her to look back on without guilt- She should have done more, said more, sacrificed more. Eventually she found her own frightening disinterest in the well being of her fellow mutants- even those that had once regarded themselves her 'owners'- was never the way things should be. Frightened out of choosing to serve only herself, she couldn't stay on her own anymore. She had to fight. She had to help fix the world that she had never known or seen- and possibly.. help to make it right for those to come. Knowing fully well that she could use neither name that she'd been known as- Since Alexandria Bennett was not only dead, but the daughter of an avid campaigner for mutant registration and a possible member of the FOH- and Parody little more than a killer.. she came up with a new name for herself, moving on as had been her life's constant strand. Under then name Alix Smith (she'd never been the most creative) she searched out North Salem; knowing and understanding that their goals were something that she could understand. It was also the possibility of acceptance- or at the very least.. a place to belong- that pulled her even more.

Xavier Institute and X-FactorEdit

Eventually, she found them, and still using the alias that she devised for herself, she joined them, pulling her into the present, and into a place where she could often find out the necessary information to know the happenings still going on in the city. However, at times she will seem to wander off into the city- Understandably so since like any good stray-- she just couldn't leave the past behind completely. She never stays gone long, however, often finding them to be more steady and mentally stable individuals with thoughts that provide her the smallest amount of peace possible in a mind like hers.

Beyond all that, however, she belongs at the institute as much as any other and has, just recently, found peace of mind and acceptance. However following the events of the Stafford incident an unaffiliated telepath by the name of Cole, acting on what was apparent whim, targeted the Bennett household- supposedly deceased daughter included. The night ended with her brother killed by her own hands under telepathic control and her mother murdered by the telepath. The attack had left her damaged and left her mildly disconnected for a small amount of time. At the time dating Pyro, things were strained within the relationship due to her own lack of real emotion towards him. Eventually, feeling that she could do more on a small scale than on the same massive scale that the X-men worked, she accepted Havok's invitation to X-Factor.

When Shadow X surfaced and the rest of the school were lost to the control of a manipulated Jean and Scott- Alix, as the only other active telepath, noticed the change in the professors and attempted to rise against. It didn't work and she was forced into hiding at the Hellfire club with her especially close friend Longshot. Eventually, with the help of freed X-men and X-factor members they defeated Shadow X and things seemingly went back to normal despite a feeling of betrayal by many towards the source of everything that had happened. Pyro disappeared while Alix recovered in the infirmary; when better, in efforts to prevent another event like Shadow X from happening, Alix was given access to Cerebro to help in the finding of students while Jean took a leave of Absence.

Months passed, and eventually Alix developed a relationship with the team two leader of X-factor- Rictor. Their time together was quickly cut short however when through a chance accident, she was present for the Wolfshead Massacre by Magneto's brotherhood and Acolyte. Captured and traded to the faction that had once housed her, she underwent massive manipulation by the Black Court's Dr. Sin.


Alix Smith possesses telepathic abilities allowing her to read the minds of others and perform various feats.

  • Telepathy: Like any telepath, Parody's powers are complicated and layered, each skill connected closely with another. She has no real control over picking up 'mental feedback' from individuals. While perhaps this could be a concern if it were in small, segregated amounts of 1-2 people in a world that is becoming quickly isolated into one area what she picks up is little more than a constant buzz of white noise]. To some, this could perhaps pose an annoyance, but as she has experienced this since the manifestation of her abilities she is far more uncomfortable without the background noise than with it. At some points it could be concluded that this background interference will at times affect her own thought process and memories - much like empathy can do to her emotions. HEr telepathic abilities have demonstrated vast levels in moments of extreme stress and in situations of focus on her behalf. Beyond the basic mind reading and mental comprehension, she has multiple 'specialties.'
  • Mental Omnilinguism: With the more basic talents having been learned quickly and rapidly at a young age, she has had hands on rudimentary training from a young age. By no means formal - it's been more a process of trial and error on her own part. Her primary talents have been honed towards a more finesse use, focusing on information instead of brute force. As a mute since birth, she has communicated by telepathy alone since the age of 8 - a requirement that has, in part, led to constant evolution of abilities. It's expectant that she's fully capable of projecting a full range of vocal forms into people's minds. Language has never been a barrier for the young telepath - expectantly since while speaking aloud is limited to whatever language is learned, the mind works the same no matter what language is spoken and thus, while she may not physically know the language, she is able to understand what is said as long as the individuals mind is not shielded.
  • Telepathic Scrambling: The same training has developed her into being proficient in a sort of telepathic attack that is based primarily around taking the so-called 'white noise' she manages to hear and siphoning it into a person's mind. The result- depending on intensity - is a searing, near incapacitating assault that is similar in effect to an abrupt migraine. Furthermore, with the same sort of projection, she has mastered the ability to 'hide' in the subconscious of telepathically susceptible individuals, using her own powers to project a sort of mental interference to serve as a distraction. She can only use this on herself however.
  • Telepathic Tracking: In some part, her primary ability has become the tracking and detecting of all ranges of people within a specified zone. The individual must have no to limited telepathic resistance in order for her to pinpoint them. For all talents, she has demonstrated a blanket effect of stated abilities within a radius of 8 yards and a search and recon detection of subjects within a mile while holding a maximum of utter telepathic emergence into a consciousness for little over 15 minutes without severe side effects. She has yet to attempt to tap into the astral field, though with age it should be something she can achieve.
  • Empathy: To the uninformed, empathy would seem to be exactly the same as telepathy; it has the same basic premise of mental manipulation and awareness mixed with that same mysterious lack of physical result. However - while telepathy is concentrated towards the thoughts, memories and cognitive process, Parody's empathetic abilities are based solely around the detection and projection of emotion and mood of those around her. However, she makes more of a use of empathy on her self than any others. Directly linked to her own emotional levels her empathy is often what keeps her own abilities in check. On a regular basis she appears as a near stoic emotionless young woman in efforts to keep her emotional levels under control as they are a direct influence on how chaotic her abilities can get. Like telepathy, Alix's empathetic abilities can not be simply 'shut off' instead they can only be mildly suppressed through emotional dampeners she has put into place on her own mind. When she does display emotion, it is hardly in the same physical sense as most. Instead, her abilities are innate in a sense that she can project aspects of feeling without actually allowing them to display on her features as most do leading for at times a more personal and strange sharing of feeling While she does have capabilities to supplement her offensive abilities with empathy as a whole her empathy is put to use primarily as a defensive and self restraint ability. Generally this is because the level of power it takes to maintain her own barriers would lessen her control and thus the level of effective focus needed to deliver a sound attack from any front. At this time, she can not manipulate emotion beyond her own though she is capable of 'projecting' an emotion that can be accepted or in multiple cases... rejected.
  • Telekinesis: Depending on the surroundings and state of her own emotions, Alix can demonstrate an express level of telekinetic ability. While rarely used except in situations where it is called for [say.. in moments of self defense] she does have a very well established control- mostly due to the fact that by the time she reaches the level of emotional strength necessary to use telekinesis, she's plenty able to control it.


Julio Rictor


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